Uncover the hidden worth and impact of your data

Data commercialization is a nuanced, complex process. We help data-rich organizations turn their overlooked intelligence into a valuable asset, connecting sought after insights with leading global institutions, all while upholding mission & principles.

How RCLM helps organizations like you

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Revenue Optimization

RCLM elevates the financial potential of your data, aligning it with market opportunities that resonate with your mission and amplify your impact.

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IP Protection

Secure your data's integrity with our comprehensive intellectual property protection, guaranteeing your rights are upheld through every exchange.

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Global Distribution

Access our expansive network to enhance your data's visibility, forging connections with leading financial institutions and key decision-makers globally.

Trusted by the Largest NGOs, Think Tanks, and Data Owners:

Why proper licensing is essential

Many organizations possess specialized data that, when properly licensed, yields significant impact. Our process carefully safeguards data integrity, extends your brand's influence, and enhances the strategic impact of your intelligence.

Generate New Incremental Revenue

Licensing transforms valuable data into an asset that generates revenue, supporting the financial sustainability of data custodians.

Increase Brand Exposure & Impact

Licensing agreements broaden a brand's influence, introducing data to a wider audience of stakeholders while reinforcing its position as a trusted source in its field.

Ensure Editorial Integrity

Through licensing, the fidelity of data is preserved, ensuring that its use across platforms remains true to its original context and purpose.

Deter Copyright & Trademark Infringement

Proactive copyright and trademark management under licensing agreements protects against unauthorized use, securing the exclusivity and rightful ownership of the data.

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How much data providers annually lose to copyright & trademark infringement:
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Providing you with more than just infrastructure

Commercializing data can be a complex process to mobilize and monitor. Our capabilities extend beyond legal & operational infrastructure, providing an environment that enhances, protects, and positions your data strategically within the market.

Connected With The Largest Data Seekers

Leverage our expansive network and connect your data to a global audience of elite financial institutions and influential decision-makers.

Data Offering Build Out

We meticulously analyze and refine your datasets, developing a suite of offerings that resonate with market needs and trends.

Outsource Lengthy Procurement

Drawing on our institutional experience, we offload and handle the lengthy procurement & negotiation phase of institutional engagement  for you.

Compliance & Positioning

Our expertise ensures your datasets are not only compliant, but are also strategically positioned to align with major sustainability benchmarks sought after in the industry.

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We helped a rising European NGO reclaim over €560,000 worth of data asset value

We helped a rising European NGO increase their bottom line revenue over 6.5x by implementing our licensing and trademark protocols for a specialized data set they had recently introduced to the market.

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A Seamless Path to Impact

Our Journey Together

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Begin collaboration with a conversation about your data's potential. Our team is here to listen and tailor a strategy that aligns with your objectives.

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Data Valuation Assessment

Receive a thorough assessment that reflects the true value of your data, ensuring equitable terms and a foundation for sustainable revenue streams.

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Data Packaging & Productization

We structure your data into accessible formats, making it ready for practical application and easier for users to integrate into their operations.

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Copyright & Trademark Protocol

Your data's security is paramount. We enforce robust copyright and trademark measures to protect your rights and maintain data sovereignty.

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Data Launch & Maintenance

Deploy your data with confidence. We manage the intricacies of market introduction & user negotiations, and provide continuous support to uphold its quality and utility.

How you and your organization benefit

With RCLM, your data achieves wider relevance while aligning closely with your foundational principles and mission.

Enhance Your Data’s Market Impact

Collaborate with us to position your data where it influences key industry decisions and supports sustainability initiatives globally.

Data-Driven Decisions for Greater Good

Your valuable data enables financial leaders to forge responsible investment strategies that align with your organizational mission.

Widen Your Influence Across Sectors

We help extend your reach, bringing your insights to diverse sectors and maximizing the utility of your research for broader societal benefit.

Strengthen Brand with Strategic Partnership

Our partnerships are designed to heighten your organization’s profile, linking your brand to innovative solutions and positive change.

Optimize Operational Costs and Efficiency

By partnering with us, reduce your operational load and costs, allowing you to focus on your core mission while we handle data dissemination.

Authentic Data Usage with Integrity

Ensure your data is utilized with integrity, supporting evidence-based policy making and investment that truly reflects your values and research excellence.

Your data, your intent,
your mission:
usage assurance

In an era where misusage is abound, we ensure the authenticity of your data remains upheld & unadulterated.

Integrity in Data Representation

We ensure your data remains an undistorted reflection of your intentioned advocacy and research, for impact that aligns with your mission.

Fortifying Authenticity Against Greenwashing

Our monitoring and licensing procedures ensure that your data is not used to purvey greenwashing narratives that occasionally occur in data usage.

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"We have worked with RCLM for years, and their dedication to quality and client satisfaction is unmatched. Their expertise in data management and licensing has been invaluable to us. We highly recommend RCLM to anyone in need of top-notch data services."

Jan Burck, Germanwatch

Frequently asked questions

My organization has data, but we're not sure how to organize and package it for use. Is this something RCLM helps with?

Yes, helping organizations effectively package and license their data is a core part of RCLM's services. We recognize that most groups focused on research or advocacy often lack the specialized expertise needed to fully capitalize on the value of their data assets commercially.

Our end-to-end data licensing support provides guidance on everything from structuring raw datasets for accessibility to configuring licensing terms and conditions tailored to your objectives. We start by assisting clients in taking inventory of their existing data resources to identify monetization opportunities.

How long does the process take, from our first contact with RCLM to receiving payouts for licensing deals?

Timeframes vary case-by-case, but generally within 4-6 months RCLM progresses clients from initial consultation to first payouts: rapidly assessing assets, transforming data access offers market-ready then leveraging partnerships to secure licensing deals - providing fixed regular revenue.

There are companies using our data that haven't contact us to properly use it in their reports - can RCLM help us handle the situation?

Yes, RCLM helps address unauthorized data usage - conducting forensic documentation of infringements before escalating to notifications, takedowns or settlement negotiations for past cases, while preventing future misuse through verified licensing compliance built into access policies and channels plus public responsibility pledges clarifying usage terms.

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